Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shutter Crazy... it's the end of week 4

Hard to believe 4 weeks have passed since 3rd sem started... It just seems like yesterday =.=
Look at me... ranting like a man who's about to die...

Well hate to burst your bubble... I'm still alive. Aww... don't kill me off yet... I'm still here to haunt you... carrying my camera wherever I go.

I get shutter crazy from time to time, but I don't have a good camera to take pics with... all I have is my phone. I don't mind though cause it takes great pictures *cause the photographer is skilled* *cough*, but I would like a new camera soon. I love sharing the things I take

Random Pics after 4 weeks: My story so far

Memories of the Rain

Slug is sun bathing

Sharing Econs with her... Fun having her around

Tuesdays.... Irene's day to take my laptop

Wi-Fi hangout.... where's Jiansheng??

haha... Teng Wei... lost a bet to me

My first pic with Michiru @ Misel

Eish... tidur pulak....

The Don't understand anything in Econs Look

Econs class = Chatting & Trading pics

Shing Yuan's unique hairstyle

"Victims" for Mr. Murali's Intermediate English Debate...

A rare shot.... Radiace and My sis

1st shot with my lil sis for the 3rd sem... jeez... smile la

She knows me... I don't know her... now we're friends... Weird ha?

3 Matr!cs members having dinner

Nice shots I have of Felicia Choong:

Giving the piggy face

Damn scary wei.... I LIKE!

Bit blur, but still nice

You still owe me something Feli

And moving on:

Latest pic of Wynn and Me

Damn I love this shot.... Thx sis for taking it XD

That's it so far... Assignments are coming and it's time to start getting my hands dirty *again*

Did I mention I love that picture?


That's it from me today...



Let Destiny take Me on it's Wings

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