Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviving My Black Heart...

What can I say... I'm enjoying 3rd Sem... kinda boring without all the hectic running.

It's been one weird month... I finally meet someone who shares a passion of Goth.
Dressing up and acting as a Goth is one thing I kinda kept hidden. Only a select few know about my craze for Goth.

BUT!!! Thanks to this girl... My Gothic side has been brought forward...

This girl... Kimmy, she revived my lust for J-Rock

She has the coolest accessories and we started sharing lots of stories, that's what I call fast friends. We're gonna go I-Socks together hopefully to get a complete Goth makeover.

I want this one... a more guy-ish one la of course

Not to sound gay or anything, but I have fallen in love with Visual Kei... My J-Rock Blood is boiling.

Give me a Goth look...

The Guy who started it all... Hyde



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boo amoeba said...

like omg.

I found you too!