Saturday, January 3, 2009

If I post this... Will you Kill me?

By the end of 2008 , the total pictures I have taken reaches a count of 3000+

Just a lil thx for all my models out there, I'll be looking forward to stalking you all this year too =)

Sean: For your unintentional funny faces and actions

Marcus: For the one track expressions

Ji Mi: For being a total ass in pictures XP

Joon Hong: For nothing at all... aww don't cry

Ben: For always resenting me taking pictures of you

Jason: For being a sport
Queenie: For being you

Dila: I don't have many of you yet, but thx for all the shots

Feli: For all the complains when I take your picture

Charlotte: Looking forward to the 3 year degree course with you

Jiam: For treating me like someone to kick around =.=

Pipi & Pupu: My sweet daughters, love taking pictures of both of you =)

Kimmy: Er... No comments on the stuff you do XP

Li-sha: For asking me not to post up you picture
(Sadly, I'm not a very good listener)

Wynn: For all the nice shots you gave me in 08

Aki: Let's go sing Karaoke and go to I-socks

Zy: For owing me cookies, cupcakes with extra icing and a pie

May: *sticks out tongue*

Denise (DD): Being a totally awesome model

The other Denise: I just felt like disturbing her


To a very good friend of mine: Take care and all the best...
(This is the last picture we took together... before the incident)

Bleh... alright... alright... it's a new beginning. Starting Monday, it's a whole new fight.



Ningyo by Vidoll


boo amoeba said...

all that kicking? it builds character. think of what a fine young man you'll grow up to become x)

Shadow Xajin said...

Bleh... So she claims, u just want the satisfaction of kicking me square one on the rear. *sticks tongue out*