Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tempting Styles

I'm in a bind... It has been bugging me for days now... I need an answer...

What should I do with my hair?

For those of you who just feel off the chair after reading the question... What can I say, I love my hair.

Anyway... Many people from college are changing their hairstyles, so I decided to give myself a new look.

I was quite happy with my hairstyles in 2008 and it was the year I decided to go for a change:

The Old me... Hair was kept after Form 5

The 1st Cut: Spiky

The 2nd Cut: Off style

3rd Cut: Specially for Halloween and for my Goth Style


I'm now looking for a new look for 2009. Should I stick to my old hairstyle and just re-layer it... for one thing, that style was easy to manage and fringe did not bother me.

Nah... I want to try something new, so I've been looking at a few styles...

Hmm... Looks too normal

I was just having some fun =)

I wanted to go for something like this...

I always wanted to try those hairstyle from my fave Vkei Bands:

Hiroto from Alice Nine: Someone would kill me if I do this

Kanon from An Cafe: Maybe I can do this =P

Reita from Gazette: *SWOONS*

Uruha from Gazette: OMG!!! LOVE THAT STYLE

Jui from Vidoll: KYYAAAA!!! ME WANT HAIR!!!


Bou: Ex-Guitarist for An Cafe

I'm gonna leave it long... someone's not gonna like this

For those who is still confuse, he is a guy... Not a girl; A GUY!!!

Yes... I made up my mind. I want to try getting Bou's style. Lots of maintainance, but who cares...

That's it for now... Now... time to look for food...



Weeee.... Love this song

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