Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nyappy in My Heart

I am Nyappy Happy Sappy... I am done with my second week of college and my hyper-ness is picking up. Although there are still some headaches going around, but I am still here.

I am getting extremely hyper... I kinda feel bad for the people who has to suffer this craziness of mine... so sorry Belle and Esther.

I had lots of fun this week... well, 1st of all... I found a new pet to play with and I love her hair and... oh... let the pictures talk:

Sweet, Natural & Cute... Intro Belle & Esther

Let's start with Esther,

Remember my pet... take a look:

Work in Progress


I should try a Goth look next time

Nyappy with the end result =)

I did it again the next day... a more complex style

Final Result: I wanna cut off her hair and make it mine
But she won't let me...

Arigatou nee-chan, for letting me do your hair
Always happy to style your hair.

The one in blue... Belle. a very good friend and anime fan =)

Blur sometimes, but that's just her charm

If she ever cuts her hair, she's going to be my next victim


This is the 100th shot I took this year =D

Yes I know, I went into my hair craze again, but heck that's who I am. As narcissistic as this may sound... I LOVE BEING ME ME ME.

More pictures coming soon, I still need to sort them out. Till Then =)



PS: If I go MISSING... It's Esther's fault... call 911

Maple Gunman by An Cafe
I miss you Bou

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