Friday, January 23, 2009

My Wallet lost Weight, but my Camera gained More...

In one day... My poor poor wallet lost so much weight... haiz

Well, no matter, My camera gained new shots in the past 3 days =D

Come on camera, get fatter... Increase my collection:

Wednesday was just like any other day; college, work and lunch only one thing different... camwhoring all afternoon with Tiffy and Lucy:

The Monkeys: YO!!!!
Me: Posers... lol

Me: Gene, can I have some?
Gene: Get Your Own!

Christine: HMPH!!!

Kim: Don't take!
Me: *snaps*
Kim: I KILL YOU!!!

Me: Cheeze!!!
Carmen: Who? What? Where?

Kim: Glamorous...
Me: Rite...

Lucy: *Reading*
Me: Shh... Do not Disturb *snap*

I don't know what's going on here...

Weee... 1st Shot with Lucy!!!

Marcus: Peace...
Me: If you say so...

Camwhoring Starts here...

Like I said... It all starts...

Even Rachel is in...

150th Shot!!! Wee... Me Likey

Shot of the Day
Photographer: Rachel

Thursday was a different story... It was stressful as hell, and it was all thanks to the Tutorial A for MCH101 for being so UN-cooperative... well at least I had a few nice shots:

Me: I want that Jacket...
Esther: No...

Me: Belle's Trademark Look
Belle: huh?

I love this shot...

Friday was a stress reliever for me... and... I spent a lot. Yes, it was a shopping spree for clothes. I had lots of fun and I met a new friend who you will be meeting shortly.

One more thing, personal thank you to Aki for helping me out today... *hugs*:

As Promised... Meet Kye Lin. A sweet lil girl

Aki: Poser....
Me: Quiet You
Kye Lin: Hahahaha

My 200th Shot... Aki looks so Kawaii here
Aki: NOW you QUIET!!!

Me: Super Cute ^^
Them: =.=

Kye Lin: Look... those kids still have school
Aki: Yay, we finished school ad... suckers...
Me: =.= Lazy Bums

The New I-Socks Bunny
Aki: SO CUTE!!! *pokes it's eye*
Kye Lin: Scary.. =S
Bunny: -.-"

Yup, went shoppin at Times Square today and what's a shopping trip there without a visit to I-Socks... yes... I bought something there again... It's just shirts and a vest... Kye Lin looks so cute as a Lolita. Next time all three of us must go for photoshoot =D

Anyway, I bought the vest and it looks too plain, but not after my fashion advisor is done with it:

She's been an awesome help picking out clothes for me, plus she is helping me to pimp up my vest.

While waiting...


A Lucifixangel Original

OMG!!! I'm so in love with it... AKI!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

That's it for now...



Velvet by Alice Nine

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