Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stalker Skill

People are starting to avoid me... I don't know why and I'm so sad... They see me as a ghost ready to devour their very soul. I don't know what I did wrong...

All I did was carrying my camera around.

Drama much, and no, I will not put down my camera; pictures are my life and soul.

I'm sure some of you are excited to see what kind of pictures I will post up now... but most of you would probably be holding a knife or two ready to take my head.... oh well:

Gene: Get my good side
Me: Which side is that?

Them: *study*
Me: Tsk Tsk Tsk... should have joined foundations

Jeremy: Dude!!
Me: Dude...

Jeremy: One
Tiffy: Tw0
Me: Oh be quiet...

Lucy: Yes?
Me: *secretly takes this picture*

Shana: Do I look like a Damsel in Distress
Me: More like a Devil in Disguise
Shana: *Shoots Jian*

150th shot of the 2009 collection
*Plays Star Wars Theme*

Them: Zzzzzzzz....
Me: The effects of Bio psych...

Li-Sha: I shall demonstrate how People Avoid Jian

Wynn: *Laughs at Sha*
Me: Yea yea... whatever... Lol

Esther: I'll kill you if you take it
Me: Too late
Belle: huh?

Me: Ahhhh... Cute Cute...

Me: This looks like some modeling photo... Sob sob, I'm so proud of it
Belle: errrrr..... *Ignores Jian*

Me: Even Esther can be Cute =)
Esther: =.= *pulls out a knife*

???: Guess Who
M.Y: What??
Me: -.-"

Me: 1st Shot with Miko for 09 =)

200th shot... Yay, congratz Miko!!!

Me: Freaky...
Miko: You la *slaps Jian*
Me: OUCH!!!

Miko: *Laughing after slapping Jian*
Me: =.=

Me: Ladies and Gentleman, presenting Tiffy=D

Me: I didn't ask her to take it with me.... seriously.... you must believe me!!!

I sure had fun... I hope you did too =D

I need more models!!!!



Escapism by An Cafe


juztiff91 said...

guess who??!!!
yes, i had fun,like of cuz!!!
silly jianny!!! =p

at least da pics u post r da ok ones nt da others...hehehee...
neway we reali need to take a better pic together next time k???? =)
i think u can guess who i am by nw rite??? :)

Shadow Xajin said...

Yes yes, I am no moron, I can tell who this is. Lol... I'm glad u dropped by, stay as long as u like

juztiff91 said...

btw, i want sum of da pics too!!! :)
da recent ones...hehe...

Shadow Xajin said...

Sure.... all you need to do is just ask me =D lol