Friday, February 20, 2009

Candid... Things that just make you go WTF

I'm having a day off from College. It's hot, burning and I'm dead bored.

Oh well, guess I should take this time to blog then, though I should really be working on my assignments... hmm... guess that can wait =D

I wanted to share some of the candid shots I took lately... you can never get tired of those random things that people do for fun.

I Make people look good

Correction... VERY GOOD
*he don't deserve this* XD

I make also make them look not so good

I think I like the not so good better

That's why the girls cover up

Even the guys are covering

Some not so lucky

Some know but don't bother

Some just contribute to my fun

I'll take candid shots anywhere

Any Place

Any time

I love keeping them

And maybe sharing a few

He's my popular contributor for funny expressions

These two, they will never find peace

Till one of them breaks my camera XD
*seriously, don't*

HYPER!!! Ok... need to calm down... until then...



Marble-s by LM.C from the Rock the Party Concert

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