Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ranking them Up...

Less than two months people, and I've already collected over 900 Shots... I'm getting close to 1000 and I wonder who will be my lucky 1000?

But before that happens, let's rank them up and see who's my lucky people... I always rank them every 50 shots and my last number was number 200. My lucky 200 spot was taken by Kimmy.
Let's get ready.... and Go!!!

Number 250

Really Random

300... *like the movie*

Cool Sweet Aki

Congratz Girls... you are 350

400 wishes for Zy
*taken during her Birthday*

450 punches for the nutter who took this

Great... my 500th Shot is a dumb reflection...

Even better... 550th is a cake...

600th shot

The Classic Stalker Shot


I'm so Happy... Finally a shot that is worth praising

Lucky 700th looking bored

Shot #750

I'm gonna get a kick for this

Shot of 800

A special Valentine's Shot

850 is of My Kaoru sleeping

Woot... Lovely 900

Only a few more before I reach 1000

Wonder who will be my victim next... get in line for the chance to be the lucky 1000



I'm feeling Sentimental-ish

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