Saturday, February 14, 2009

Penny for MY Thoughts

Regarding my previous post, yup, everything is alright now... and I'm good to go. Moving on to more serious stuff.

C2AGE.... Cosplay Comic Anime Games Exhibition. An event I used to lead in my Foundation years with my bunch of buddies, this year, a new committee has been formed and I'll give my impression on them.

*this is also a good chance to spam their pictures here for a good reason*

Tan Hong Chun

My my, so they found a President who is also a Tan... good job. Tan's rule XD

Comment: He better not screw this up, that was my position you are holding bub...
Of course if you need help, I'm always open to help.

First Impression: Seems like a person who can do work, just needs more confidence.

My say: Screw this up and I will hunt you down and rip you limb from limb =3

Christine Yap

Comment: OMG, she's the lamest VP I've ever seen, but she seems to keep things fresh.
Don't always emo ok.... you smile and emo at the same time... it's scary

First Impression: A newbie in the otaku world, but I'm glad she chose this field. She can be considered the PRINCESS OF BLUR... AND NOT TO MENTION LAME =)

My say: She always tell me to chill... she should chill. I like her, quirky and lame. Help your President and do well, or I will kill him XD

Tan Pin Hui @ PinZ/Needle/Sharp Pointy Thingy

Comment: Haha... Another Tan. Pretty too, but she bites. Stay away or face her sharp teeth. I love to bully her, but the paybacks are severe and bad for health.

First Impression: I thought she was nice and fun and a lil bit shy... BOY WAS I WRONG!!!
She's a hyper jumpy emo bunny, but I like her anyway.

My Say: All I can say is... LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING

Daniel @ DUDU

Comment: Dudu? Why the heck do people call you Dudu... sounds wrong. Oh and err.... nice pink shirt

First Impression: Say him presenting something at a meeting... forgot what... but was well organized.

My say: Dude.... you gave me your hand to kiss.... I have nothing to say.... LOL

Benedict @ My Kaoru


First Impression: Dude.... I flirted with you when I first met you... what else you want me to say.

My Say: Cosplay as Kaoru and I'll be Hikaru... we'll rock the show XD
And Don't stutter when you talk to potential clients dude

Jenn (I hate when ppl call her when I am around)

Comment: My student in Goth. Letting her in I-socks is like letting a child play with a jack hammer. Oh and I turned her to a yaoi fan... don't ask how...

First Impression: She squells when I flirt with Kaoru... HOLY....
Not very jumpy when I met her, BUT I WAS WRONG AGAIN!!!

My Say: Join the dark side... you won't regret it... muahahahahaha

Jane @ Siew Pau

Comment: No, she's not in C2AGE... I just felt like posting her picture. HAHAHA

First Impression; Thought she was quite, and I was WRONG YET AGAIN!!!
Damn I suck...

My Say: I have yet to have a picture with you darling XD

Well, there are some people missing on this list, mainly because I don't know them or I don't have their picture. I heard their secretary this year is a sharpshooter like my secretary last year. Only difference is, this year, it's a she.

I had fun doing last year's C2AGE, yet I wish I did more, I wish this year's team and my juniors the best of luck.

My Team



Tomorrow's Way by Andrea and Pa-No

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