Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jian is Happiest with his Camera

Holy Smokes... It's already February and I still feel unaccomplished... especially with MCH101, it's a nightmare.

I've been on a hiatus with my pictures, but baby I am back with more pictures. Yesterday was a blast at Sam's place with tons of camwhoring. I manage to get a lot of awesome shots. Jian is very Nyappy ^.^

On the side not, I met Sam 4 days ago and she was so kind to invite me to her house ^^
I got to know her through Ji Mi, so it's not so bad =D

Enough with the small chit chat, on to the main event:

Zy: Cut Slice KILL!!!
Me: o.O Mew?

JH: Spready the bready
Ji Mi: Stabby the bready

Me: All Dressed Up ^^
Zy: Cute ke?
Drooling Guys: Cute *drools*
Me: Hands off my Mew

Me: The Gracious Hostess
Sam: Mew?

Sam: Mew Mew Plant ^^
Me: *Pinch Cheeks*

Me: Happy Birthday Zy
Zy: Birthday Girl is Happy ^^

Thanks for the hospitality... special Pic for you 2

That's pretty mild, now things get fun, Pictures can tell 1000 words depending on how you look at them:

Me: Hey Gorgeous ^^
Zy: Errr.....

*5 Minutes later*
Scroll down

Zy: Noooooo

*After hours of chasing*
Scroll Down summore

Me: Gotcha
Zy: Shiet You....

Sam: Noooo.... Zy Zy Is Mine... Hands off
Zy: *stoned*
Me: O.o"

Phew, that was fun... on to the next set:

Me: Queen of Games... I lost to her...
Sam: Muahahaha... mew...

Me: SIFU!!!
*dude Trent plays with his hands backwards*

Marcus *in red* : OMG
Zy: *sips drink* men...

Ji Mi: Yo-Yo's rock...
Me: Err.... yea... ok

Allen: I'm a Ninja...
Me: -.-

Sam is dead tired and is nomming the couch
Me: SO CUTE!!!!
Sam: *nomming*
Me: Thx Sam for inviting me

Special Thanks... Sam and Zy... chu~~

Now comes my fav set of pictures: I couldn't help it... I just had to take them....

Sam was Dressed in a nice Pink and Black top... Give me a few extra stuff and we shall see her as a lolita =P


A Smile that Kills

Mixed Feelings...
(Wait... shouldn't I be frowing and she smiling...)

Ethereal Bliss
(My Fave Pic with Sam... It was just an act)

My pet Zy... OMG... that white dress is looks so good on her... it's so lolita-ish... I had to ask her to be my model...

I should really start a Lolita Photobook...

Sweet Innocent Bliss

White Prayer...

Lost in You

Last Shot ^^
(5 stars)

Ahhh... Jian is happy with the pictures.... Need more... Zy... Sam... let's do another photoshoot next time ;)



Heaven's Drive by L`arc~en~Ciel

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