Sunday, February 22, 2009

For A Line in Time

It's Sunday night and it's back to class tomorrow morning...

I'm not looking forward to the public transports and the stuffy classrooms. At least I had fun tonight... I've been rhyming with two friends and I had lots of fun with both... guess I'll post them up:

1st one is with Vivian: A Love Poem (No we're not in love... we're just bored)

By: Jian and Vivian

Take my hand,
Hold me close,
Never let go,
Take this moment,
Capture it,
Remember and
Never Forget it
You are the only one,
The only one for me

Once I take your hand
I can never trust of letting go
Everything that starts, it always ends
By the, all the true colors are starting to show

My colors may show,
Red, white and gray
But no matter what,
My color for you,
Are always true

I don't know if I can believe
What am I about to see
Life's a shade of black and white
But in the darkness, you are my light

The for you,
I will always be,
There for you,
When no one else will

Ups and downs
Highs and lows

No matter where,
You're the only one for me

No matter what,
On your face, there shall never be a frown

Smile for me,
I'll smile for you

When you're down
Let me make
For you
The light of day

They say camera captures every moment and every smile
Look through the pictures till you grow old and senile
And the smile on your face captures every single bits of my heart

One reassuring look, the flashbulb goes, there's no way I'm breaking apart

Even if your heart breaks,
I'll always be there

To catch the remaining pieces

I will bear the pain
And taste the blood

But I will never let go of your heart

If you let go of my heart,
My whole body will break apart

In the end, the ambulance siren sounds

And I'm 6 feet underground

Though your body is gone
And we're apart
You'll always be here

Right here in my heart
So don't you worry,

I will never let go

2nd one is with Jes: Of Light and Darkness

By Jian and Jes

Dreams are a melody
Played by our hearts

A song for our soul
And a hope that keeps us still

A hope to drag
Is nothing to dream

For dreams don't come true

The way we hope it is

A hope to believe
A dream to begin

Work for it,

And they will surely come true

No matter how hard we work
No matter how strong we pray

No matter how true we believe
Somethings just aren't as it is

For those unable to dream
For those who live in fear
Tell them to smile

Tell them to dream

Cause no matter what
We make our dreams come true

Somehow most gave up
Somehow dreams are untouchable

Somehow dreams are just fantasy

Somehow we wished it come true

Somehow wish is not the way it should be
Somehow reality can't mix with dreams
Cause dreams are just dreams we make

Things we made that can't come true

Some may give
Some may cry
But for you

Let me be the one

That makes your dreams
Come true

When I don't believe
When I don't even have faith in myself
When I don't see the rainbow after the rain

How bright will it be in my rainy day

Things always seem dark at first
Things will never be the same
Take a chance in me
Let me be your faith

I'll kill anyone near
I'll be furious
I'll make things impossible

I'll make things wrong

For I walk alone in the dark
Where heavens close their door against me

No matter how dark your heart,
Heavy it may be

I'll carry you across

And over the seas

I'll be your strength

And hold you close

So please hold on

You're getting close

It's time to give up
Everything I want
And all I hear is a splash from the water beneath

And all I feel safe from is the water that surrounds
The loneliness that I am comfortable with
That made me smile

Forget the sorrows
Forget the pain
It's time to claim
The light of day.

Well... I had a long night and it's time to turn in for the day... Sweet dreams



My Heart Draws a Dream by L'Arc~en~Ciel

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