Friday, February 27, 2009

Live Life.... Enjoy it

First a goth photo shoot, now it's Cosplay... Well it's not I purposely wear it to college... NOOoo... It's actually for my presentation quote Belle and Esther:

Belle: You'll do anything to get Marks
Me: Yup =D
Esther: Yea, when it comes to anime
Me: Well... er... Oopps...

Ahhh... Life's not so bad when you know you got your friends around:

The Gals in my Life

Roxas Esther ;P
(I didn't do her hair this time)

Elena Belle

A rose that captured my Heart

Me: Give me a song.... A melody to play, and I will always
make your day
Miyuki: Errr.... *blur* What?
Me: Oh forget it =.=

I love that sign

This sign too
(Haha... Hikari's looking at the flying sign)

1st Attempt: The Approach
(Btw, this is the 950th Shot)

Me: Hi
Hikari: err... hi

1st Attempt: The Move

Me: A Promise... Like a beautiful dream...

1st Approach: The Failure

Hikari: Oh shut up *kicks Tamaki*

Val: What are you doing to my friend?

2nd Attempt: The Bold Move

Me: Your eyes...
Hikari: DIE!!!! *Tamaki flies away*

Val: Don't mess with her
Mun Yue: Hope he didn't die from that
Hikari: I hope he did
Miyuki: Haha *swt*

3rd Attempt: Never Give Up

Hikari: I give up...
Me: I don't...

Haha... I had fun compiling these pictures, but one last say to tonight:

I would like to thank them, for helping me so much with my presentation.
I owe you 2 big

That's all from me... I bid thee sweet dreams.



Dive to Blue by L'arc~en~Ciel

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