Monday, February 9, 2009

The Darkness of Dawn

FINALLY I CAN UPDATE!!! I wasn't able to update the post I wanted since I don't have all the pictures yet... BUT... now I do and I can FINALLY update.

Recently, my friends and I did a mini-photo shoot with a Goth theme. It was the BEST DAY EVER!

These pictures really tell a story, so open your mind and let's fly... Let me take you into my world... Our World...

5th February was the date, with time on our hands... I decided to do Esther's hair and one thing led to another as I was wearing my Goth attire for a presentation, we just spontaneously decided to have a lil photo shoot.

Introducing the cast:

Minami Yusuke: Prince of Darkness

Hikari: Searcher of Light

Miyuki: Avatar of Light
PS: She was also the photographer for most of the pictures.

The supporting roles will be shown...

And one more thing... Esther's Hair


This Time... I did it with more detail.

The Final Look... well almost

So let's start our journey into Our World: *Disclaimer: If you hate posers, get out now*

Searching for Her Light

Hikari: ....

Yusuke: Welcome to Darkness
Hikari: *ignoring him*

Yusuke: Once you step into the Darkness... there's not turning back
Hikari: I'll take my chances...

The Persuader of Darkness

Candid XD

Thoughts of Life:
Miyuki: What are you two thinking of?
Hikari: How long am I gonna pose for this?
Yusuke: Food~~

Miyuki: Damn Emo sial....

Miyuki: Really Really Emo....
Hikari: Why are we doing this again?
Yusuke: For fun la ^^

Miyuki: Why are you playing with my hair?
Yusuke: Cause it makes me look cool... quick someone take this shot

Yusuke: Don't tell me what to do...
Council President: Ssir... Yes Sir...
Miyuki & Hikari: =.="

Yusuke: Care to say it again?
Dude: *laughs*

Miyuki: Get you're hands off my darling
Yusuke: Let me borrow her for a while
Valerie: Nooooo~~

Yusuke: Lol... I really gotta stop scaring people
Chia Wei: Errr.... you're not scary
Hikari & Miyuki: *nods*
Yusuke: =.="

Miyuki: I will not join the Darkness...
Yusuke: But we have cookies ^^

Don't mess with her...

Invitation to Darkness

Yusuke: This is Our World
Hikari: We live here with each other
Miyuki: Do come and visit sometime

Pose for Picture XD

Hikari: Is this the End?
Yusuke: No... It's only the Beginning...

Ok... that took me a while...

Keep me mind, I'm writing this after a long day out and most of the quotes was random stuff flying in my head.....

I hoped you enjoyed viewing our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them ^^

Till next time.



Raison D'être by Nightmare