Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bottle Fetish

A collection of pictures that's what I have.
I am going to show them to my friends.
So look forward to these random post.

I'm just fulfilling the duty of my picture blog, so the first random post is my collection of "bottle fixates "
I know a lot of people who are obsessed with their bottle. Big, small, round, you name it, they love it.

Joanna with her bottle

EST class party

Chicken drinking for his soul

Yes Ji Mi, we know your stick is "long" *candid shot*

Ji Mi drinking his "stick"

4 Science 1 hard at work... bottles on the table

Orange Juice anyone?

Bunny needs a drink too.

That's all the old pics, now for something new... college.

Feli's gonna kill me for this =D

Her second bottle, the bottle she loves... the bottle filled with the drink of death... coffee

Close-up on the bottle of death

Wynn Wynn looking cute as ever.

Onion Girl watering herself

Maki Maki filling up

100plus advertisement. Kar Mun, you look really hot in this pic. (I didn't take this pic)

That's the end of my 1st random post... more to come. If you guys wanna see a specific topic, you can always give me some suggestions. I'll see what I can cook up. ^^

Now I have to hide myself before these people come running with their bottles in hand.



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