Saturday, July 26, 2008

Like I Promised...

Aaahh... it's so good to own a blog and I get to do anything with it. Muahaha... haha, sorry for the maniacal laughter, but I can't contain my joy.

Like i promised, here's the so called special post la.

Many of us will blog about our day, our friends, our family and food... BUT... I WANNA BLOG ABOUT MY LECTURERS.

Well... a friend of mine, let's call that person Agent 12.. gave me a very good idea for my random post. This will be a special random post. Agent 12 told me that I have been focusing too much on my friends and I should change my target.

So... Agent 12 told me to snap candid shots of my lecturers ^^

I'm risking my head for this entry... the things I do for your pleasure ^^

I'm putting myself in a hostile situation here people!!!

Well... here goes nothing:

I guess it's only right to talk about the very 1st lecturer I met here at HELP

Name: Miss Selina
Subject: Intermediate & Advanced English

I met her during the open day at HELP, and she was my counselor. She's really friendly, but serious when it comes to class. All my classes with her are at 8am in the morning, and somehow, by some kind of force in the classroom... it will turn to be a talk about coffee with Sean and Fel... coffee addicts... Lol

Next comes my Computing Principles Lecturer

Name: Mr. Siva
Subject: As mentioned above

Computing Principles... sounds boring right? Well... not really, when you have him as your lecturer... he can crack many jokes that will keep you awake... not that i feel asleep in his class before... *whistles* *points finger at Marcus*

Mr. Siva during C2AGE

Haha... how can you not like this guy.

Name: Miss Chris
Subject: Critical Thinking Skills (CTS) & English

Miss Chris aka... Matr!c's lecturer adviser. She's a nice person if you get to know her, but she is really strict with deadlines. I never had the chance to be in her class, cause I'm in a different group, but I'm sure my friends from her class are having fun.

Name: Mr. Alex
Subject: Anything with Economics

I never had a chance to be in Mr. Alex's class *not yet* but I heard he's a funny & interesting lecturer. BEST PART IS!!! HE WATCHES ANIME... I got a few anime from him... especially Avatar's final episode... THX SO MUCH MR. ALEX.

Mr. Alex during C2AGE... Able to get a picture with him

Next on my list *scans list*

Name: Miss Winnie
Subject: IT, but she teaches me CTS

Hehe... I just love being in her class. It's always fun & new. She's a really nice lecturer & an ANIME FAN as well... weeeee... Her CTS classes are fun... full of vagueness & ambiguity when it comes to teasing. Being a CTS lecturer, she knows how to hit where it hurts... ouch... sarcasm kills. Oh, she's Mr. Alex's wife.. if anyone doesn't know.

Best line she gave me:

Me: Morning Miss Winnie ^^
Her: Oh you're not in black today =D
Me: =.=" Ouch...

Well, at least that got my friends laughing... AT ME!

Miss Winnie during C2AGE.... Nice pic ya?

Name: Mr. Andrew
Subject: Bio, Chem & STUDY SKILLS!!!

The Subject you must take before CTS... STUDY SKILLS!!! Ah... i had fond memories of his class... Muahaha... He just loves to bully his students with his clam personality... but inside.... is a monster waiting to be unleashed... HAHAHA Lol

Peace... Guess who?

It's Miss Debbie... our lovely Psychology Teacher

Here's another sarcastic lecturer... *wonder why HELP has so many*
Very extrovert, type A personality & bubbly. He classes are fun & her actions are funny and cute. Lol... I'm sure Sean will enjoy her class. I hope you get shot down by Miss Debbie, Sean. Lol

She looks like a super model in this shot

Finally... I saved the BEST for LAST *sounds familiar ha?*

Smile Sir... it's you

Name: Mr. Murali @ Mr. M

Let's see... what can I say about you... hmm... well... he's stubborn... funny... a joker... sarcastic... forgetful... blur... but he's cool.

Well... cool... most of the time...

He can do the craziest things... like playing truth or dare Jian style with us. Haha... should have recorded this.

But... he can kill you in an instant... we have survived the Gates of Hell Mr. M style... now we must cross the lake of fire... HELP US!!!!

Muahaha... I'm having fun with this post... but that's it for now... I wonder what I should post about next time... Hmm... give me some ideas Agent 12... ^^

But for now... I bid thee... Good Night ^^




Denise said...

hey! I know one of your lecturer. Your Bio/Chem lecturer. He was a judge for one of our HELP debates. >.< he caught us talking crap abt pregnant mothers in our debate. XD

Shadow Xajin said...

Muahahaha.... Mr. Andrew... WOW... That's a shocker

Denise said...

lol... yeah.. we gave wrong facts abt it. it was embarrassing. >.<

Shadow Xajin said...

Ouch... wrong facts to Mr.Andrew... That must hurt... most of my lecturers are sarcastic to a point where they know how to shoot people down