Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

Haha, sorry about the emo post... I wasn't feeling all that great. I guess I'm cool with it now. Smile Smile and Hope for the best.

Well, I won't be posting pics of my college friends for a while... until they are cool with everything. In that case, let's take a step down memory lane... back to my past... high school =D
Why? Cause I was digging out my old files and found some old ass pictures. Haha

There was one event that stuck close to me in high school. It was last year (2007), the moral society club had a one day event for all the so called good students. I know what you're thinking... a moral club?? That's right, I was in a moral club... it was a cool club mind you.

Anyway, they made one day of fun for us and at night brought us to dinner at a high class Chinese restaurant. The point's not the food, the point is that, during the whole course of the event, I was able to take a lot of pictures and also be in a lot of them.

Let's begin:

Pn. Lim and her family. Our lovely moral teacher and club adviser.

The 2nd most important person... Wai Choong. President of our club.

That's the intro...

What you are about to see are a few guys... getting it on with the ladies =P

Pics of Ji Mi: These pics are BEFORE he lost his manhood

Ji Mi & Nara... Classy

Ji Mi & Pui Ling... Newly Weds

Yeoun Ping & Ji Mi... erm... you comment you this

Jac & Jim... kinda out of place la with that watch

Sooky & Jimmy... Nice & Classy

Pic collection of Joon Hong: Donald Trump of the evening

Making his entrance.... Money Money Money Money

Damn like Donald Trump la

Doing business... Look at their faces LOL

Wai Choong: Presidential Shots

Sweet as Sugar

2gether gether ^^

One Shot takes all

My turn: Guess what color shirt I'm wearing ^^

I like this pic best

Haha... guess what color is it yet?

I changed a lot didn't I? Well... except for my fetish for black clothes.

Goth with Style

Group Shot: The ladies ^^

Ok everyone... vote for your top model. From Left; Pui Ling, Sook Mun, Nara, Pui Min
Vote at the comment section of this post =P
Must vote ok?

Chinese Pop Band =P

Cute right?


The guys, me and my gang: What you see, may shock and amaze you ^^

Come on... say it... We look good right?

Vote Vote Vote for the hottest guy =P (Vote for me k) Lol

Einsteinium, Scofield, Ryokan & Shadow

Next collection of pics... This collection is consider the best. You'll see why.

Stupid hand over at the edge... don't know who it belongs too. Lol

Now do you see why?

Hey, it was a fun night... we all had fun. We as the committee also had fun planning it to.

Miss all of you... "Huluwoodians"

Ah... another long post... Well, a picture is worth a thousand words ^^

Till then


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