Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Scuffle of *so-called* Legends

Zzzz... It's been an eventful week and I'm down for the count...

Anyway... I've been brainstorming a few ideas for random post, but this post will not be a random post... be patient ya.

I'm blogging about 2 people who I met here at HELP but now they have gone off to a better place. Heaven... ? Who said anything about heaven? No... they have gone off somewhere far away... not heaven. Jeez... not hell either... they are too nice to be down there sweating their butts off.

Haha... ^^

Well, Jan sem ppl should know these 2 pretty well... They are *drum roll*

Jon Lee & Hexen Ong

Jon Lee: EX-Student Council President of HMC

What can I say... he's a Genius + Nut = One Crazy Fellow.

I met him with Radiance and Jane one day and we just met and have lunch together. I find him a rather amusing person & I just love bullying the lil guy (I say lil cause he's a year younger)
He's a funny dude as well... *I rather not talk about that*

Too bad though... I don't have many pics of him... I do have a pic with him on his last day.

Haha, funny pic rite?

I used to headlock him and nudge him. Lol

Candid by Eugene

Well... that's it for Jon

Next up is the lovely Miss Hexen (see I spelt your name right)

Ya... I really miss this girl a lot. She thinks I don't though. She's a great friend and very fun to be around. She's always hyper and always on the go. Come to think of it... I never see her at one place for long.

She helped me out a lot... especially with C2AGE. Hehe... Hexen... miss you dear ^^

Our lovely Hexen

Hexen & Marcus during Speak Up!

Aww... don't they look sweet together

3 heads are better than 1?

Finally... Your's truly with the lovely gal

Sob Sob... they shall be dearly missed... =P

Don't kill me k



Me said...

why will i kill such a sweet n lovely fren? (sounds like i'm talkng bout a gal) =P
thx jian!! ur truely a gud fren!! n guess wat i din spell ur name wrong either!! haha
al d best in ur college life!! miss ya!

Shadow Xajin said...

Hehe.. aww... thx Hexen. That's so sweet of you ^^
All the best dear