Sunday, July 20, 2008


Remember the special post I promised? Well... unfortunately... it has to be delayed since I haven't gotten all the sources yet, but I will soon =p

As for now, I guess I'll just post some stuff... *thinking what to post*

*shuffling through picture file*

Lol.. Ok... found something...

This collection was when we were in form 4.. It was after our finals and basically... WE WERE BORED... and it was during Chemistry class, the classroom was empty with only a few from my gang (the others were gone or not to be seen)

So what to do, but cam whore... Thx to Sutha for taking some of these pics

It all started out as a simple experiment for us to fill our time

Just filling up the time...

Aspiring Scientists

Things are heating up

Zoom out look

Then... our teacher had to leave for a bit and well... see for yourself

This bloody bugger pushed this dumb OHP projector while screaming "ICE-CREAM!!! WHO WANTS ICE-CREAM?"... Bloody nut case....

Next came this nut... with his dumb yo-yo around his neck >.<
Stupidity spreads like wild fire XD

It's not getting better....

Well... things eventually died down...

Well... almost

But it did after that ^^

So we ended up taking group shots

Lots of em...

And more...

Haha... I miss these buggers

This was my idea... Cool right? ^.^

All 4 of us are now in separated. Ji Mi's in Inti Nilai, Wai Chooong's in Perak, Joon Hong is in MMU and I am a proud student of HELP

Haha, to Elle who complains that I should update my blog... Here's my update... That girl ah... no patience...

Special pics of the day:

That is the *cough* mean *cough* Elle (Ellise) on the right & her lovely sister and my cute junior Denise =)
The two lovely sisters ^^

Almost the whole gang is here ^^ This was taken last year during Wai Choong's 16th birthday party. Thx Wai Choong ^^

That's for now... I promise... Next post will be the special post ^^



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