Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Hair Obsession/Fetish

This is the second random post. =P

You know something... I think I'm suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder or I'm just a plain narcissist. Whatever the case... I have grown a weird obsession for... Hair... especially girl's hair. Haha... weird right?

Well, I'm blogging about people's hair who I like/adore ^^ (Girls Only)

Here's a collection of my fav hairstyles done by my friends ^^

Ponytailes: The classy School girl look

Denise, I just love your ponytail

Pui Ling... SMKHK's longest ponytail. Fun to pull.

Alicia's ponytail


Kar Mun actually looks mature here =P

Feli's White Ribbon... A bit blur... Feli, stop moving and pose next time =)

Long Hair: The wild untied hair

Short or Long? You decide ^^

Pui Yee looks good with just her hair. Long & Straight

DD with tied hair or long hair... I can't decide

Irene's long hair. She looks good like this.

A bit wild looking

Feli's ex-long hair. I miss brushing this hair.

Li-Sha looks best without tying her hair. Feli's new hairstyle. A bit shorter than the old one, but still nice to brush =P

Wynn ^^ I just love her hair... especially the tip

Short Hair: Cool & Modern

Charlotte's hair + Wind blowing = Picture Perfect

Cute Kiddish Look. Suits Queennie BEST!!!

Braids: A rare find

OMG!!! Shocked to see her like this. Had to pull out my camera.

Twin Tails: A even rarer find

You can't find someone as cute as this with Twin Tails

Ok... why did I call myself a narcissist. Well, DUH... next is my pictures. Surprise!!! No? Not even a lil? Aww... Come on... at least a lil... a tiny tiny bit... FINE... here's my pic. Lol

I wanted to keep my hair long since I'm out of high school

The result...

Oh ya... I like it... but it was hurting my eyes.

Then came Grease... Look at what they did to my hair. Was so in love with it =P

Many of my friends don't like my long hair. They were asking me to cut it... only some were asking me to keep it long... especially Feli ^^ (Arigatou Kaori)

But... C2AGE came and I decided to cut my hair... *not showing pic* Saving it for future entries

So... this is my hair after C2AGE

A bit punk-ish. High School friends were a bit surprised.

My hair now. Decided to keep it like this. Not too short... Not too long.

When I was in high school... I didn't really care for my hair... but after entering college, my narcissistic personality kicked in. I blame Feli for it. You made me a narcissist. Lol.

Getting late now... going to sleep. Thx for reading all I've posted so far ^^
Tell me what you want the next theme to be... I'll dig up some old pics.

Till then... Nitez


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