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Camping Trip!!! Blogging about Camp

English Assignment almost done.... weeeeee. I'm on the verge of breaking down. Many things have been happening recently and I am not proud of it. Well, all I can do it try my best and hope for the best.

Alright, let's move on to what you people want to see. Pictures of the camp.

My friends and I have been selected to go for the second batch for the leadership camp hosted by HMC. 3days and 2 nights away from it all... all the way to Trolak, Perak.

Day 1: The going there part... which means... the bus

We all gathered at the lower foyer at 2pm waiting for the bus, but the bus was late (Typical) and being the photo maniac I am, it was time to take some shots.

The gathering:

Having some fun with Wynn

Felicia's turn


Another close-up

Charlotte & Sean *candid*

Ok enough with candids... time for group shots.

The people I hang out with most... Chibi, Stereo 9 and Kaori


Marcus, you're out of line... dumb ass. Lol

The Guys I hang with, Sean and Marcus... Wow, only 2 compared to the number of girls

The cute/hot/sexy girls... Qinmei, Wynn, Li-Sha, Charlotte & Felicia

Guess who's who

Karate Chop???

Last Shot is always the best shot

The wheels on the bus go round and round.... round and round: Time to get on the bus

Li-Sha with her Patrick.. feel like squashing it... LOL

Super model shot. Miss Debbie, the best psychology lecturer ever. She was the adviser for the camp. Awesome!

Bus ride = ZZZZZZZZ

Rest time... It was a long ride.

Here's MJ being... well... MJ

My room for the camp. That's my roommate Tyler.

Once we reached there, we headed to the main hall and were separated into teams. There were 7 groups besides the group I was in; Phoenix, Red Ninja, Alpha Q, Phlanax, Psych Ship, Empowering, Chicsticks. The group I was in had awesome people. I don't know most of them but they were all awesome. I was their leader and we called ourselves Nature Spirit. The 1st activity we had is the solo drop, this is where they drop us alone in the jungle... in the dark for some self-reflection. Well, it was hard to reflect when your friends are talking your ears off. No pictures here. What? You guys want some spirit of the forest to haunt me? Not a chance. Besides, it was too dark.

Here's the last shot for day one

Charlotte ending the picture collection of Day 1

Day 2: Non-stop moving

The day started off with a 2km run with your group members. Our group didn't do so well cause we're not runners =P

Then it's off to breakfast. After that it was off to the jungle again. This time... for some fun.

We had 2 activities, the high ropes and the low ropes. The high hopes is the flying fox and the low ropes is the obstacle course.

High Ropes: Time to Fly

The Equipment used.... superman style

Feli Flying

Go Wynn!!!

Sean waiting for his turn

My turn

Low Ropes: No pics here... everyone too busy helping each other out.

After we came back from the jungle, we had our lunch and then it's off to the grounds for our next event, the eclipse. It's a game where we work in a team to find our check points. Sounds easy... NO WAY, we were freaking blindfolded. No pics here either.... Well duh, i can't take pictures when I'm blindfolded right?

After the tough work: Finally able to wash up, it was around 5 pm

Tired after the games, waiting for dinner

Lovely ladies all cleaned up

Managed to sneak a shot with Feli

Aww.. so sweet

Even sweeter =D

One of the best shots I took

Dinner was served later... We had BBQ dinner =P
Food was ok... not that outstanding

When the eating was over, we head back to the gathering hall for the night activity. The 8 groups were then asked to join up. 2 groups were to joined forces for this next task. It was a picture taking activity. The team who manages to take all the pics win. Nature Spirit and Phlanax walked away with the win. Here are some of the pics we took.

Snap Snap Snap:

Someone in a dress (it's actually a tablecloth)

9 people Human Pyramid

Different Faces =D =( =P =S >< Giant coin

"S" with 10 people

Mummy returns

A way to lose weight LOL... Tapiwah & Stan

Reflected US

Most helpful person... Tyler (the fainted guy) and Radiance (The helpful gal)

Funniest shiet ever

It was fun taking all these pics. They are all nice shot, so are the ones below.

Piang getting "done" by 7 guys. Lucky number la Piang

MJ confessing his love to Piang

Day 2 was filled with fun and games. After the games, we all went to Sean's room for a cult meeting. Lol... kidding
Oh btw, the power died later in the evening =.="
It came back a few minutes later.

Midnight orgy... Charlotte, Irene and Felicia

To signify the end of the 2nd day... here's the last pic taken.

Kaori & Takeru... Onii-chan misses you Kaori.

Day 3: Tired, sleepy... time to head back

It was the end of the camp and it was time to make our way back to HELP.

The tired Channel 10

Need I say more?

Maki Maki wants to sleep

Still energetic

The Gay Guy... WHAT!!!! *internal joke*

Wynn Wynn looking cute as always

Feli without her coffee

Of course this collection of pictures would be incomplete without pics of Nature Spirit

The Spirit of Nature Lies in Our sleeping soul:

Our Team Logo... drawn by Li-Sha and Myself

The Whole Gang

After the closing ceremony, it's time to Camwhore

Wynn, Me me li li sa sa & Li-Sha

Jian & Jian

Nah, Jiansheng, your picture

All girls just wanna have fun. =P

Cute Cute Cute

Jian & Wynn

Time to pack up

All done


Relax & Chill

The bus ride home...

... is nothing without a song

That's it for the camp. It was fun... that's all I can say. A lot of things happened too, but I'll live through it (I hope)

Long post today... Zzzzz... tired...

Watch out for the next random post ^^

See you all soon

Ja ne ^^


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