Friday, August 22, 2008

Moving On...

Semester 2 is officially over yesterday... Finally got my results for my finals.

An angel smiled on me... I didn't fail anything... XD

Well, I did ok... not great, but ok. I'm not like some people who fails in despair just cause they only got on Distinction or none at all... I'm happy with what I have... cause I gave it my all.

I'm stuck in college now... waiting for the HMC web to activate, so I can set my grouping.

  1. Statistics
  2. Economic Principles
  3. Internet Principles
Happy with my timetable so far, cause I get to share many classes with Fel, Sean and Charlotte...
Sad cause Wynn is taking different classes =(

Oh well... Let's work hard for Sem 3 people!!!

"Sigh... Malas la..."

"Not enough time to shop"

"Time to hit the books"

"Hmm... Wonder who's my lecturer"



PS: Enjoy Sem 3

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