Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stuck in the rain with you...

Today just can't get any worse can it? I'm so glad the day is almost over...

I'm depressed and sad... hence I am sitting here... Emo-ing with songs from Linking Park

Soon... the end will come... I hate being depressed...

But I guess today isn't so bad... I got stuck in the rain. No... I'm not crazy and yes i enjoy being stuck in the rain, especially with that person.

We were supposed to take the bus home together, so we went to HELP KPD to catch a bus.

We have the worst luck ever.... we weren't even there for 5 minutes and a thunder storm started.

What other choice do we have, but to call our moms to pick us up. We told them to fetch us from WISMA HELP. We ran there with a small umbrella and we were both soaking wet. My mom picked me up from Wisma around 6.30 pm... and traffic was horrible *starts cursing*

I only manage to get home around 8 plus.

But what the hell... at least I was with you.

And yes... I manage to take some pictures with my already soaked phone

2 idiots running in the rain; getting soaked. Well... at least we are together

Waiting for our moms... traffic jam everywhere, so waiting together

I had fun talking with you today

We're soaking wet, yet we still have the time to take a shot together

I wouldn't choose anyone else to be stuck with

Thanks for today, Wynn...



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