Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sun and Sand in Penang...

Did I ever mention how much I hate Sundays??? It's so boring and there's nothing going on... Aww... Hell... I miss doing assignments *oh crap... I'm going nuts*

I miss Penang... 3 days is just not enough. I miss going crazy with my friends and staying up till 3 in the morning chatting the night away.

Whatever the case, this was the best vacation I had in a very long time and I fiinally have time to blog about it...


1st DAY:

Before Departure:

The 1st three people there... Guess who's the third?

Here comes the rest...

Waiting for the bus...

Bus got delayed... Oh well... take more shots


Poser... =X

Tired of waiting... Stupiak Bus

On the Bus

Finally... On the bus at last

-_- Nice look Sean

With Vicky

Smile.. We're on our way

The Lame Family

Time to Sleep

5 hour bus ride

"I ran out of coffee..." *sob sob*


1st thing you do when you arrive... Olympics

Settle down

Pikachu tagged along

With my sis... Takeru & Kaori

Meet our Penang Girl... Irene

Going out for dinner (one of Irene's favorite meals)


Dinner with the Penang Girl

I ran out of witty captions...

Big bites dude

Can I have some pls?

Food Heaven *Turning into Christine's Blog*

Fried Mee *Before Dinner Snack*

Satay... Appetizer


Fried Chicken

More Mee

Penang Girl knows how to eat =)

To wash it all down


Back At the Room

Walking off our dinner

What cha wanna do next??

Let's play... Charades

Damn we were noisy

My turn

Deciding what to act...

Pikachu Mine!!!

Can anyone guess what I'm doing???

Pikachu and a Bottle... LOL... random much

We slept late that night... and Sean was mumbling in his sleep =.="

2nd DAY:

No one wanted to sleep in the rooms... It was more fun to sleep together... Now you know why no one wanted to sleep

Couch Potato

Waiting for their turn to get ready XD

Well... I didn't really take a lot of pics on the 2nd day cause we were too busy walking... -.-

Wonder what they are looking at?

Green Shelled Creatures

Sha & Vicky posing


Nice view

Serenity at it's best

My sweet sister... Kaori XD

After that lil sight-seeing trip, we just traveled around and we finally reached Gurney Drive for dinner.

Meet Sha's friend... Marianne

Old friends

Rojak *the sauce was in a different container*

Fried Oysters

Lok Lok

The Asam Laksa rocked

Air Cincau

Food taste better if you're sharing it with the ones you love

It taste a lot better

The many faces of Marcus

He ate this lil devil that caused the afce above

Group shot

Group Shot with Me =)

Waiting for the bus home

What cha think?

Watching Edward Scissorshand on Marcus's laptop

Day 2 was fun... Why?

Scroll back up and look at Sean's hair... noticed anything different from the previous pics and the last pic? No? Look closer then... Haha

Plus... We laughed like nobody's business back at the room... That's for us to know and for you all to find out =)

3rd DAY- Last Day... Time to go crazy

We didn't really do much on this day... Woke up, had breakfast, played some games, chat...



Feli's pirate shoes

We were bored... until someone said... "Wanna go to the beach?"


Trust me... we weren't bored anymore... *insert evil laugh*

Time to head to the beach...


Jakun Crossing

Sun, Surf , US!!!

Jakun with shoes

The beach meets us...



The wind in your hair =)

Maki Maki

Craziness = Us

Fun in the sun

A lil water

Peace =D

Haha... Marcus you damn poser XD

Splish Splash

Girls taking revenge

Char & Feli

The Guys... Jian, Sean & Marcus

I got sand in places I'm not allowed to blog about =X

Look at our hairs... Awesome

My friends... My family

The next James Bond

I'm gonna miss this vacation...

I don't wanna go home...

It was a fun trip and I wish I can go again... but all good things has to come to an end...

Gonna catch our bus home...

Good-Bye Penang... We'll miss you



PS: Wynn... Wish you were here...

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