Friday, August 29, 2008

Forever Random...

My first week of Semester 3 is finally over today, and here's what I think of it...

Monday: Manageable (For now)
Tuesday: Surviving (have to go back at 4.30 pm)
Wednesday: Too much free time (Only ONE Class)
Thursday: KILL ME (4 classes today!!!)
Friday: FREEDOM (Unless I have a replacement class)

Overall... I'm still living, so that makes it a good thing.

But no matter how busy I am, I always have the time to take a quick shot or two...

Here's the pictures taken on my first week of Semester 3:

Starting off with the many expressions of Sean

Kar Mun stressing... she was bored

Here's my tech man... Eugene

Kar Mun, Eugene and I were chatting

Along came Jenny =)


Laughing Dolphin

The Slug... Slugging around... Still in holiday mood

The Sea Slug is dehydrated... XD *don't kill me sis*

Our weekly KFC hang-out is back =)

Meet the unlucky classmate in my Econs class... FELICIA II

Gonna bully her... starting with posting this picture... MUAHAHA

Damn these people... 1st week of the new Semester and they're already studying

Obsessed Sean in a Pet Shop... When he's there, it's like watching Animal Planet

My 1st shot with Wynn for Sem 3

Aww... She looks super cute in this picture... Wynn... you look great with or without glasses

What? You don't think I can go a whole week without cam whoring... do ya?

That's it for now... I promise to my victims... I mean models... that I will take lots more shots this Sem... hope you people are ready for it =D




PS: I'm obsessed with this song

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