Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alright.. Alright.... Here's your Update =P

I've been pestered for hours by Pipi to update my blog about the random outing we had on Monday....

=.=" *I had this expression on my face when she pestered me*

And I know you are saying to yourself... Yay... Finally he updated.

So what in the world happened that she HAD to have me update about.

This outing wasn't really planned... I was planning to go home after college, but I promised to meet up with Pipi and Pupu to give them some of the cake I baked... So I got there and they told me Joon Hong @ Sakai was coming too...

Pipi & Pupu

So... we kinda hung out for the day.... yeap... After eating, shopping and Pipi buying a present for her mom (aww) around in KLCC, we travelled to Pavillion for more shopping... *this wasn't planned at all mind you*


The shopping continues in Pavillion and Pupu wanted me to try on a skirt and bag. In the end, we ended up watching House Bunny. *JH was drooling throughout the whole movie*
This proves that he needs more chicks in his life. Anyone out there interested...? He's not choosy.

This is JH... See how desperate he is. *evil laughs*

I guess that's about it... Hmm... Oh wait... I forgot the most important part... Camwhoring... What's a day without it =D
*sorry... pics are too blur... Photographer tak pro*

Can't even see a thing... this is Pipi.

And This is Pupu

Don't ask me how they got their names... read their blog...

Tuuuut... My HAND!!!

Ok... There's a reason why Pipi is so eager for this entry... Just recently.... I have been named The P sister's step mother *funny*... so in other words.. I traded my masculinity for 2 daughters.... That's so manly of me XD

Very manly...

Pu and Pi up close

I have nothing more to add... except this... JI MI YOU BLARDY FOOL... YOU FORGOT WHEN'S MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! YOU KNOWN ME FOR 5 YEARS AND YOU FORGET EVERY YEAR!!! *ahem* Hope you read this.



PS: Pipi & Pupu... Watch this...

Sentimental Piggy Romance by LM.C

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