Saturday, October 11, 2008

One World.... One Life

I believe we all have the power to change the world. From war to Peace; from hate to Love.

We are different in may ways. Our skin tone, the way we speak and the way we dress... but isn't that what makes us special? Under the clothes we wear, we are all people and we all share this earth that we are living on this very moment.

Why can't people see that? Yet they think that war is a way to stop it all. I say, just put down those guns and take the hand of the people you are fighting with and shake it. Stop the WAR!!! We gain nothing from all the fights, but we lose everything.

I agree with what they say.... A World without Borders... That's what we should aim for.

I know this is not one of my usual styles of blogging, but what I'm saying is true. But I do have a reason why I'm blogging about this... Global Peace Festival and the Power of 10 cents in Malaysia. No idea what is it? Look at this:

HELP also played a part in this event. Si Yan and her gang are working their best to promote this awareness and are gathering funds to stop poverty.... 10 cents, although not much, can make a huge difference for one person.


The Director of GPF Malaysia, Dr. Teh, came and paid a visit for the launching of the event.

Along with Mr. Daniel Lee representing the "Power of 10 Cents"

Their speeches were really uplifting

Oh not forgetting someone very special...

Jaclyn Victor =)
She's one of the ambassadors for GPF Malaysia

Weee.... Nyappy to see an Idol up close =)

Wow... why are they all ears?

Ah.... figures... Jac's on stage =)

10 Cents can change someone's life....

She sang today!!! Lucky Me =)

The Awesome people who made this happen... *I think some are missing*

Peace... That's our Dream

They all deserve a round of applause. They worked their butts off for this event, especially Si Yan... Kudos girl, you rock.

Vidhya was too shy to ask for a picture with Jac... So I asked for her =)
You so owe me Vidhya *evil grin*

The lovely Project Manager with the lovely Idol... Thx Si Yan for asking me to come =)

Cause if you didn't... I won't be able to take this:

Weee~~ ^_^

We can make a difference...




Here's the Theme song for GPF...

Where Peace Begins by Jaclyn Victor & Daniel Lee

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