Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Best Friend's a Chick...

I've been meaning to blog about one particular person from college. I mean, she deserves it after all the pain and torture I put her through.

Oh, I'm also doing this to see her blush and having her say... "rite".... *rolls eyes*

How many guys can say, their best friend is a girl...? It's not weird now anyway, and therefore

She is my best friend:

We only knew each other for less than a year, but our history longer than the Harry Potter Series... okay I know I'm exaggerating...

But every good book has an good introduction... This is not one of them...
Fel: *watching something on her laptop before M'sian Studies*
Me: OMG!!! Is that Code Geass??? You watch anime?
Fel: Er... Yea *blur face*
Me: Hi my name is Jian... what other animes do you watch?

And so the conclusion from that encounter... Anime Brings People Together
What I Think about her:



Coffee Addict



A bit bimbo-ish


My sister

Some History Together:

When I say long history.. lots of stuff happened this year.... the good... bad... and plain lame.

One this that happened was... well... watch the video first... it's not the full video, but this is the only scene you need:

Mind you... this was just acting for our Human Comm class... but the slap was real... OUCH... it really hurt. You can tell she enjoyed that scene, but she apologized anyway.

Another stupid incident that happened was... I indirectly made her cry... TWICE.
Best part was... it was not even my fault, yet the guy is always to blame. Girls are going to her and telling her, "it's okay... we support you". How can we guys get that kind of treatment?

First Time:

1st sem in college wasn't a good time for me... I was isolated from my friends and once, I text them for something and all of them started to pull a prank on me...

I kinda got angry, cause it was not a good day for me... She kinda felt bad and cried.... It was not even my fault and I got the blame.

Second Time:

It was Human Comm practice presentation... the topic was... The Person I Admire. I wanted to do on Johnny Depp, and before the actual thing, I practiced in front of her... So yea, I got some facts wrong, and being a die heart fan (fan girls), she got angry... and I don't know what happen, but she started walking away while crying...

In front of the whole corridor...

I chased after her and she bumped into some girls and they started gossiping... and look who's the bad guy now =.=

Jeezzzz.... In the end of the whole drama, I bought her coffee and without her knowing, changed my subject to...

"The person I admire is someone who is very stubborn, headstrong and hard headed, yet she's a nice person.... blah blah blah... and you all know this person, her name is Felicia Ong".

The look on her face was priceless *smirk*

I'm very very scared when she cries....

Besides, the normal misunderstandings and hangouts... there's so much more to say.... but I'll save that for later.


Aside the drama, I enjoy being with her... She's always there when I need her ^^

But... I'm gonna miss her when she goes to Australia next year... *sigh*

Keke, I hope this is enough for you Fel

To Readers, thank you and good night



PS: Fel, i bet you want to kill me by now...

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