Friday, October 10, 2008

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I'm so dead... Internet Principles Assignment!!! Mid-terms are coming soon!!! And I'm dead tired.... It's only past 10 and I'm already sleepy. Zzzzz.....

Mr. Siva

It's been a while since I started embracing my better half; my goth half... and I'm so loving it. It's cool that I found quite a few number of people to talk about this matter with. People who I did not know much or was just a 'classmate' became people I know and converse with often.

The only thing I don't get is, why are people making such a big fuss over this kind of style. I'm not talking about the good kind of fuss, like complementing that you look not bad in these clothes. I'm talking about the bad kind of fuss, when they just criticize that you do not belong in society.

I guess it's just that stereotyped mind-set that most people have when they see 'not normal' people walking on the streets. Most tend to associate goth with always being emo... is it? I don't think so... we are normal happy people who just enjoy the style. *but being emo and wearing goth clothes is kinda cool*

But heck, I'm just expressing my opinion here. I mean, it's just a style I like... I'm the one wearing the clothes, not you... It's like how you enjoy certain music that I don't... It's not gonna kill ya =)



PS: A big thanks for my friends for being supportive with who I am. You know who you are *winks*


I dono, I just felt lilke doing this: My 2 juniors.... One is stubborn, one is Blur. The many few I still contact with from my old high school. Maybe I should do an update about all my bratty juniors... something to consider...

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